Reclaimed Timber Structures

The Brief

To install a series of recycled timber structures on the close to completion Arena Apartments overlooking Newcastle Beach.

The Problem:

Large scale timber beams and frames were required to be assembled and constructed on a very busy construction site. Deliveries and access were limited.

The Solution:

Working in partnership with local joinery experts Round 2 Timbers and the apartment builders, works were planned and designed to a high level of detail to allow parts to be fabricated off site and assembled quickly and safely when required on site. Careful positioning of the frame brackets during the garden construction phase allowed the frames to be easily assembled and craned into position after the building was completed.

The Result:

The assembled arbour, with stainless steel fixings and vine wires provides a stunning walkway from the building to the common seating area overlooking the beach. The skill of the Round 2 Timbers joiners is brought to life in the curved daybeds, bench seating and decorative vertical timber battens.

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