The Killin Residence

The Brief

Our brief from our client was to construct a new deck, pergola and carport to the rear of the dwelling and to restore the heritage bullnose verandah including replacement of decking, posts and fretwork.

The Problem:

Wanting to ensure this property retained its historical features the Killin’s requested a high level of detail and replication of the original features as per photographs from the historical archives. 

The Solution:

By choosing similar materials, utilising traditional construction techniques and proportions we were able to match the style of the building with the original design. We invested a lot of time consulting with the client on material choices for both authenticity and durability.

The Result:

The result was a beautifully restored facade to the dwelling and a high-quality new construction at the rear. The custom joinery and decorative fretwork, with the use of natural timbers and federation colours brought out the charm and architectural heritage of the building.

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The Feedback:

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