Little Red Charm

The Brief

Working with local designer Habitus Group the brief from the client was to create an open space to promote better harmony between the kitchen and living room. Mindful of the growing needs of the family, the owner wanted to create a space for her maturing son that provided a space of privacy and independence.

The Problem:

The charming miners cottage needed a renovation to accommodate the wish list. The family had outgrown the original layout of a small kitchen with one bathroom located at the rear of the house. The house was cold and dark in winter due to the lack of natural light and insulation, site access was limited with no off-street parking.

The Solution:

Understanding the owners needs was paramount when designing the new layout. Set with a fixed budget our aim was to provide a renovation that would give the old miners cottage an internal makeover with a slight extension off the rear of the building. Moving the kitchen to the living room and extending the house to the edge of the existing deck created generous flowing living spaces from the front entrance of the house through to the common living areas. Positioning the kitchen around the perimeter of the room, whilst keeping the kitchen cabinets white adding a touch of colour with recycled timber shelves, resulted in an area where the family could enjoy and interact with ease from either the kitchen or living room.

The Result:

A refreshing modern home accommodating the needs of the family with integrated living spaces for all to enjoy while remaining sympathetic for the need of privacy when required. The white colour palette chosen enhanced the space visually but softened with the recycled timber shelves and furniture provided the textures to give personality and charm to this home. A resounding result based on budget, design, and quality of finishes.

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The Feedback:




Decks & Pergolas


Door Installation


Floor Polishing







Recycled Timber


Timber Cladding

Timber Flooring


Window Installation

WHo we Worked With:

Dedication from our group of Trades allowed the project to be completed with high standards. Thanks to Insight Electrical, All Plumbing Solutions, Total Plastering, Reg Heron Painting, FC Glass & Aluminium

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