Creating Street Appeal

Creating Street Appeal
The Brief

The brief from our client was to assist in designing and then construct a new landscape layout to the front yard.

The Problem:

The existing grass sections struggled due to limited sunlight. Furthermore, when vehicles were in the driveway access to the house required people to walk on the grass causing damage and bare patches. The clients also wished to update the existing plant selection and garden shapes.

The Solution:

Together with Habitus Group proposed a design based around a curved pathway, softening the garden edges and introducing a variety of plant species to better suit the garden aspect. The selection of a turkish stone paver for the path by the clients further enhanced the beauty of the design.

The Result:

The result was an organic, beautiful entrance to the property. The herringbone stone path replaced the bare grass areas providing easy access to the entrance door. The selective choice of plants and delicate lighting fixtures complimented the facade of the house and topped off a great design.

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Creating Street Appeal
The Client:
California Bungalow Revitalised
Location / Suburb:
Completion Date:
November 2020
Jobs / Tasks:

Brick & Blockwork


Heritage & Restoration