Bathroom Renovations

The Brief

Designing and renovating your bathroom can be an exciting and rewarding process, customer needs vary in style and taste. At Focus BM we work closely with our customers to ensure your needs are clearly detailed, we also offer advice on the best ways to achieve your goals.

The Problem:

Whether you are looking to upgrade a tired problematic bathroom or spruce up your forever home problems can occur or budget overruns become frustrating if you don’t take the time to undertake proper planning. Planning helps clarify your needs, it provides clarity to ensure you achieve your desired outcome, style, and layout. Too often we see people gather inspiration from other websites, have an extensive list of what they want to include in their renovation only to discover the space is unable to accommodate their wish list. Understanding how the bathroom will be used, knowing your budget and sticking with your carefully designed plan avoids expensive delays and overruns.

The Solution:

When considering a bathroom renovation clients generally underestimate the complex processes involved. There are many tasks to be completed by various tradespeople and suppliers. Years of experience has taught us good planning is essential. Pre-project discussions detailed plans and firm decisions prior to the building works starting go a long way in ensuring costs are minimized and the focus is on workmanship.

The Result:

Over the years we have completed traditional styled bathrooms, modern bathrooms, budget focused and high-end finished bathrooms. Our careful planning applies to each project no matter the size of the budget. Working with reliable trades our focus is to ensure we provide high quality workmanship so your bathroom will look amazing and won’t cause you problems in years to come.

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WHo we Worked With:

Together with our longstanding group of trades we aim to deliver a high result each time.

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